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Stu Barnes-Israel is a U.S. Army combat veteran and a fifth-generation Hoosier who was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan. The 9th Congressional District needs an outsider in Washington and Stu will fight every day against the career politicians ruining our country.


Stu Barnes-Israel is a proud U.S. Army combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan who believes that conservative leadership begins with answering the call to service.

A fifth-generation Decatur County resident, Stu was born in Greensburg, Indiana where he gained his love of country and Christian faith. He now lives in the same Greensburg family home where his grandparents lived when he was a young boy, and along with his wife Maureen, is raising two young sons – the sixth generation of Hoosiers.

Stu is the product of a Christian family who values community and putting others before self. He learned the value of service and hard work at a young age from his family – a father who began his career in a factory and later built his own business, and a mother who became a pastor in the United Methodist church. Even before he graduated from Greensburg Community High School, Stu knew his commitment to serve, and his love of America, would lead him to join the U.S. Army.

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While completing his undergraduate degree at Butler University, Stu joined ROTC. Upon graduation in 2009, he began seven years of active-duty military service which began in Germany and eventually took Stu to Fort Huachuca, Arizona on the U.S. – Mexico border. It was here that Stu saw firsthand the need to secure our southern border and prevent the flow of illegal drugs into our country.

In 2011, Stu deployed to Afghanistan where he led a combat platoon in the fight against the Taliban and insurgents seeking to destabilize the country and return it to its brutal past. Stu also experienced firsthand how the ambition-driven decisions of career politicians in Washington, D.C. can often endanger the lives of American soldiers fighting on the ground. In total, Stu served an entire year in Afghanistan, distinguished himself, and was awarded a Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal with Valor for his leadership and service under fire. Stu would later serve stateside as a U.S. Army counterintelligence special agent defending America from foreign espionage.

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In 2016, Stu completed his Army service and continued his education, ultimately earning his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018. After graduation, Stu used his military experience and business education to work with some of our nation’s largest businesses to grow and create American jobs. By doing so, he helped these American companies compete with countries like China and win in the global economy.

Now, Stu is running to serve Indiana’s 9th Congressional District and represent the community that he and his family have called home for five generations. In Congress, Stu will put our families first, ensure every hard-earned tax dollar is spent responsibly, and fight against the big spending policies that drive up inflation and make it harder to pay our bills. He will fight to secure the southern border and prevent the flow of illegal drugs into our communities. Stu is pro-life and will stand up for the unborn while serving in Washington. He’ll fight for our Second Amendment rights and individual liberties.

There is a lot of hard work to be done in Washington, but Stu is no stranger to lacing up his boots and doing the hard work that needs to be done. He will fight for Hoosier values every day and put the hard-working people and real problems of our district first.

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